Collection: 2 Piece 8 Ball Pool Cues

2 Piece 8 Ball Pool Cues - With Cue Craft, some items are more customisable than others, with options that can be changed depending on your playing preference. These options include: Butt Joint, Cue Length, Cue Weight, Ferrule and Joint material, Joint position, Tip make and Tip Size; each customisable option will affect the standard price of the pool cue after it is chosen.

Our 8 Ball pool cues that are currently available are made from a variety of materials, including but not limited to: North American Ash, Rosewood, Padouk, Ebony and Sycamore. Fixtures and fittings come in brass as standard with all our 8 Ball pool cues but can be customised to stainless steel with selected Cue Craft cues.