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Britannia ¾ Jointed Snooker Cues - "Professional standards are only attained by combining the very best materials, craftsmanship and design. Thus for our Steel range, we select only the very finest graded Ash and hand splice with the blackest Gabon Ebony. The balance, feel and finish are superb in every respect. Unsurpassed accuracy of splicing. Aviation grade steel joint and ferrule provide greater durability and accuracy without distortion to ensure sound performance for the hardest hitters and players who want their cue to last a lifetime with consistency. Professional demand means these cues are a full 58 inches long as standard. The mini butts included with our Steel range incorporate a matching Mother of Pearl badge to enhance and add distinction to these rare and desirable cues. The consistent Grand Leather cue tip is used on these superior cues, standard tip diameter is 9.7mm. Cues are naturally weighted due to the density of the Ebony used, thus weights vary from 18 to 20 oz."

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